The Eighth Moon: A Memoir of Belonging and Rebellion [SIGNED COPY Pre-order now]

Kabat, Jennifer


New softcover, limited number of copies SIGNED by Jennifer Kabat copies available after May 11, 2024. In talking about the book, Kabat says, “The Eighth Moon is about writing and the breakdown of chronological time but also an 1845 socialist uprising in the Catskills in my town and on my road. It looks like Trumpism but to opposite ends. In part, the book is a memoir of moving to Margaretville and joining my fire department and an essay on the Anti-Rent War when farmers fought to redistribute land to redistribute wealth. The rebellion happened under similar economic and political conditions to our own (a recession like the Housing Crisis in 1837.) Also, the Anti-Renters wore masks and drag, and the laws enacted then banning masks were used against Occupy Wall Street and overturned only in … 2020. The book opens with a shootout in a corral in dresses and builds to a polytemporality where the past and present run together. Collapsing the two times together has been my way to cope with the rise of political violence.” “Beautifully written, The Eighth Moon uses a very light touch to probe the most essential, unresolvable questions of belief, kinship, fidelity, history, identity. It’s one of the most remarkable, original books I’ve read in a long time.” Chris Kraus “Kabat is a rural flaneur, probing for exit from Capitalist endgame in this psychogeographical memoir of the Catskills. As political time collapses the events of her study into the present day, mysterious doors open into the possibility of an encounter across history with every risk attached, including that of renewal of our most elusive faith in one another. This is a sublime book.” Jonathan Lethem, author of Brooklyn Crime Novel

Book Publisher: Milkweed Editions

Publication Place: Minneapolis

Publication Date: 2024

ISBN: 9781639550685

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