“I haven’t felt this energized and centered in years! I spent decades struggling with fear, depression and a high stress job, now I finally feel like myself again. I can relax. I got my light and my life back! Thank you for these incredibly illuminating healing sessions.” 

~ Melanie, New York

“Sue’s work is so grounded to the earth and she’s also a clear channel for spirit. Being in her presence is like looking into a clear mirror; she reflects the Self clean of all the layers of toxins and energies and ego that don’t belong and allows for a glimpse at one’s true nature.”

~Lindsay, Andes, New York


“You have no idea what you do for my soul, eternally grateful.”

~Jacqueline, New York


“Sue heals!”

~Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, Andes, New York


“For an amazing, gifted and delicious treatment, that’s actually indescribable, get yourself to Andes, New York and visit Susie Bellamy at Diamond Hollow Healing! During my recent treatment, (I get regular treatments) she lifted my spirits, cleared my energy and brought me into a state of deep relaxation. I love her combination of modalities, mixing eastern medicine with Shamanic Reiki and aromatherapy, and her deeply loving and caring touch are magical! I’m so glad I found her!! Go! Om Shanti!”

~Ogden, New York


“Thank you for our session. I now have a strength I did not possess and an absence of fear to do what needs to be done. A marked shift has occurred within me. I feel blessed to know you and so fortunate to have experienced your beautiful gifts. Blessings and Peace!”

~Cheryl, New York
“I have had the benefit of knowing Sue in many venues: as a teacher, a colleague, and a healer. In each of these she has always demonstrated thoughtfulness, connection, and compassion. Sue offers a powerful amalgam of deep intuitive relationship with spirit that is delivered through her exposure to a great variety of wisdom traditions. Engaging with her whether it be receiving a healing session or just in conversation always leaves me with a sense of expansion and wonder.”

~Rev. Emilie, NYC

“My husband and I have benefited so much from Sue’s healing. My husband has been suffering from Lyme disease since last September (a year and a half ago) and was in chronic pain.  He was not able to lift his arms above his head and felt fatigued all the time. Fortunately, just 2 sessions with Sue helped heal his pain amongst other things, which conventional medicine couldn’t achieve. I know you will LOVE Sue’s calm healing energy and will sleep like a baby afterwards, like I did!”  

~Betty,  New York 
“The work I have been doing with Sue is amazingly transformative. I came to her in a midst of a personal quest for my challenging relationship and came out with layers of healing I did not suspect I needed. Sue is a true caring and compassionate person, she goes the extra mile and is really present when you need her, even if you don’t ask, she will come forward.

I have worked with many healers, readers, psychics, therapists and I am very attuned to the talented ones, the ones who really see beyond and don’t let their views interfere with your story and Sue is top on my list. She is genuine, caring, attentive, directive enough when need be but more than anything, she helps you get the results you need. What you need is not always what you think you need and that is the beauty of her work, giving you what you expect but also what you need. 

I am very privileged to have been under her care for the last few years and I will continue to consult her and help me grow towards my purpose and my journey as I know, I have a lot to accomplish. Thank you Sue! xoxox” 

~Jane, Canada 


“I first scheduled a session with Sue for what I thought would be a straightforward reading. I was at a crossroads in my life and needed clarity around making some big moves. I was blown away by the results. With Sue’s extremely accurate intuitive guidance, powerful Shamanic healing, and instruction, I have made a major career change, sold my house, and embarked upon a powerful, transformational spiritual journey all within a mere six months. 

Having experienced Sue’s one-on-one mentoring and 21st Century Mediumship class, I’ve learned Sue is no ordinary medium or teacher; She is incredibly gifted, generous, deeply caring, and nurtures her students and clients with great clarity and passion. She holds a safe non-judgmental space so that you can grow your confidence at your own pace. I am so grateful to the universe for bringing her into my life!”

~Anna, Joshua Tree, CA 


“Working with Sue has been life changing in a very powerful yet gentle way. Her dedication to maintaining the integrity of shamanic work is unmatched, and her incredible ability to accurately identify the work needed to clear and heal soul trauma and wounding has allowed me to make shifts in my life that I have been struggling with for years. 

I feel divinely supported on every step of my journey with Sue. Her incredible relationship with Spirit is powerful. Since working with Sue, I have felt calmer, more grounded and deeply at peace. Oh, and everything Sue told me would come to pass has indeed come to pass. Spending time in the presence of Sue’s calm, loving energy will leave you feeling protected, energized and supported. I highly recommend her!” 

~Ildiko, NYC 


“As an absolute beginner with zero training, Sue welcomed me into her Mediumship class with open arms and truly went above and beyond to make me comfortable and educate me so that I could grow and expand. I learned about my potential as a medium, gained confidence, and was offered the generous time, wisdom, talent, responsiveness, and support of Sue every week. 

I was incredibly nervous and Sue took the time to nourish, reassure, and guide me. Through her course, I was able to learn, experience, and practice different tools as well as honing in on my own style and gifts and expanding them with more confidence. Her support and belief in me has had a profound impact on my development. Thank you so much, Sue!” 

~Joy, Vancouver, Canada


“What can I say about Sue… she will blow your doors off. Truly. Sue is an incredible psychic medium and visionary healer. She is very accurate without you providing her with any information. Tapping right into your life and giving you great direction is her expertise.

I was blown away by the accuracy in Sue’s readings and so are my clients. She also participated in my mentorship program and I got to witness many of her readings as well as receive feedback from the people she read. They all loved her. She offers up advice in a clear, loving manner and empowers you with tools for your life. I recommend Sue to my clients and to you.” 

 – Marilyn Alauria, CA 


“AMAZING! Our house has been on the market for about a year. Our real estate agent hadn’t brought us one person since last spring. We had it out to rent or sell but after Sue’s clearing and instructions for us to honor the land, we realized how much we loved the house and really did want keep it after all, so we decided to rent it. Less than a week after the clearing, we got the call. A renter is moving in next month! The guy signs the contract on Monday!!! He has a dog and was looking all over for a place for a home. When he saw ours, he knew that it was IT. Perfect. My husband and I thank you, Sue!  We know this is no coincidence.” 

~Cherie, Japan 


“Sue is a very gifted healer. She recently gave me a Shamanic Healing. I have never done anything like this before and it was amazing. Sue is so in tune with her own guides that she is able to connect with YOUR guides, making the experience so much deeper and meaningful. I appreciate Sue and her warmth, kindness, love and professionalism. She is very helpful – highly recommend!” 

 ~Kim, CA 


“Sue’s educational offerings and readings are top notch. Her information is detailed and organized, yet flexible. One (of many things) that I admire about her style is that she is heart centered, truthful, generous, warm – and with all that she resonates with an energy of trust and confidence. 

I’ve had many sessions with Sue and I have not ever felt judged or lacking or shamed. She truly walks the talk that is circulating around nowadays; to be love and light. 

The thing is Sue really does it. She has this way of nailing down the truth and always leaves me feeling empowered. And I truthfully share, she has gone out of her way to help me, while still honoring herself. Being in the midst of her work is awe inspiring! She is the one you want – for a teacher, friend, sister, co-worker – Sue simply oozes love and in simple and practical ways. I love her. Anyone who steps up to work with her will find that she works wonders.” 

~Tai, CA 


“It gives me great joy to refer Sue to you and it is my hope that you will receive the advice, inspiration, or messages from spirit you need to help you on your life’s journey as she has helped me on mine. 

I scheduled a phone session with Sue. She came highly recommended by a mutual friend. I needed to be clear about my ability as a parent, and also my career among a million other things. I was stunned during my reading, as Sue picked up symbols only I would know. I trusted the information Sue gave me and took a leap of faith trusting in myself – and she was right. Days later, I put my work out there and weeks later made the deal I dreamed of – oh wait, I made two….just as she said I would.

I have since referred Sue to my friends and family who’s lives have also been changed by the information Sue has shared with them. I am so incredibly grateful to have this sage old owl or shall I say Light-worker, in my life. Thank you!” 

~Kelly, CA 


“I am so grateful for Sue and her amazing and accurate intuitive abilities. She relays messages in the most gentle and compassionate way. Because of Sue, I have found the courage to follow through and embark on a journey that has been life changing. Sue really cares and it comes through not only in her one-on-one sessions but in her classes and everything she does. Sue is a source of comfort and empowerment and hope. I am forever grateful our paths crossed.” 

~Jane, FL  


“I came to Sue’s business via recommendation from a third party. I was not certain what to expect, and was genuinely gratified by the end of the session. She knew only my name and the question I had for her prior to the session, and after explaining how she worked, she launched into a litany full of information that validated for me that the information she was receiving was genuine, and helped to guide me as well. She has a kind and caring heart, and is passionate about her work. I will gladly call her again in the future.” 

~Pamela, AK 


“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Sue. She is so very accurate, to the point, specific, kind, loving, and supportive. In my line of work, I am surrounded be mediums, healers, masters and intuitives but it feels like a breath of fresh air, to be enveloped in Sue’s love, authenticity, healing high-vibe energy, and to receive a reading that is so very accurate. I was touched how she instantly knew what my struggles were, my low and high points and what was around the corner for me. It felt so tingly and loving to be enveloped in the energy of her Guides and I felt truly privileged to have been able to receive a healing from such a high, evolved, compassionate, perceptive and luminous Soul that Sue is! Thank you from my heart!” 

~Jari, CA 


“My healing session with Sue was so helpful. She is professional, warm-hearted and good at her craft. The reading she gave me was a validation to where I was as well as it gave me the guidance I was asking for to move through what I was in to get to the next place. I highly recommend Sue.” 

~Lori, CA 


“Thank you so much! 

You are such a gifted healer, helping people clear their path and keep moving forward! Yes, I will trust and connect with my guides more often. Thank you for your kind advice and information about the Tarot cards. I look forward to working with you.” 

~Maki, CA 


“I booked my first reading with Sue a few months ago, not knowing what to expect.

Sue has a very calming effect on me – she pointed out so many things going on in my life that no one else knew about. She has a great intuitive skill with so much empathy. She knew exactly what I was going through. I truly loved her reading and I look forward to many more in the future!” 

~Amy, CA 


“Sue is a beautiful talented soul who is truly dedicated to guide other souls to find and walk their true paths. Her reading was so illuminating, I felt my heart expanded to its fullest. It was very accurate, enlightening and, there is no doubt, will be my map, my lighthouse – always showing the divine direction for me to embrace and follow. I was blessed to be referred to Sue by her mentor, Marilyn Alauria. 

I knew that Sue had just started her practice and after having many readings over the years with some of the most well-known psychics of our time, I was not sure what to expect. Well, I can authentically say that Sue’s reading was one of my best ever! She reads from an absolute space of love and positivity, yet pulls no punches. She is so gifted that I purchased a reading for my Mom and she, too, was thrilled! . We will surely be reading with Sue again.” 

~Brooke, CA


“My session with Sue was so inspiring. She has such a calm way and easy presence so I was comfortable right way. Without me telling her anything about me, she started talking about the book I had written and how I was really on the right path with it. I am an author and I have been sending my book out to agents. 

Within two days of talking with Sue, I signed with a great agent and feel very championed. Sue helped me consider ways of moving forward that were new to me and I am implementing them into my life. I highly recommend working with her.” 

~Dana Middleton, CA