Masataka Nakano: Tokyo

Nakano, Masataka


Fine in orange boards with color photo image. 172 pages, 22 x 29 cm, English text. Magnificent. For three decades, Masataka Nakano has patiently captured with his camera a Tokyo that seems unimaginable: a bustling metropolis completely devoid of people. ‘Tokyo’ looks back at his past work, a time capsule that traces a changing city only by documenting its streets and architecture – vibrant urban scenes that at the same moment feel odd and otherworldly in their emptiness. Broad avenues without a single vehicle in sight, construction sites lying dormant, waterfront promenades without joggers and cyclists, eerily serene corporate towers, and arcade game bars gone silent and dark are just some of the scenes to discover among this collection of riveting photographs.

Book Publisher: Tsutaya Books

Publication Place: Tokyo

Publication Date: 2021

ISBN: 9784866950020

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