The Self-Care Mindset: Rethinking How We Change and Grow, Harness Well-Being, and Reclaim Work-Life Quality [Signed copy]

Bronée, Jeanette


New Hardcover in dj, both Fine, 288 pages. This copy is SIGNED by the author on title page. From the Inside Flap: What if we have self-care all wrong? Internationally renowned mindset and well-being expert, Jeanette Bronée delivers an insightful discussion of the future of work. She walks you through how we change work by being inclusive of self-care to protect and harness our most precious resource: our shared humanity. The author explores how well-being and care are at the core of any productive and healthy workplace. She explains how self-care is not something we do “on our own time” to recover but rather a complete mindset that provides us with the tools we need to change and grow. You’ll learn to prevent burnout, manage stress, and get more joy from your work as you learn how to reclaim agency using Jeanette’s most valuable teachings. The Self-Care Mindset is broken down into three sections, each of which is filled with proven tools and powerful frameworks you can use to navigate FUD: fear, uncertainty, and doubt, including “Power Pausing,” the “C.A.R.E. Framework,” and “AAA.” She demonstrates how to move beyond the outdated concept of “work-life balance” and refocus your efforts on “work-life quality” by building an ecosystem of relationships with ourselves, others, and work itself. An essential read for working professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, academics, executives, board members, and other busy businesspeople and leaders, The Self-Care Mindset is a practical and hands-on approach to improving your quality of life that belongs on the bookshelves of anyone who has had difficulty cultivating a healthy career and successful personal life.

Book Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: 2022

ISBN: 9781119986850

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