The Myth of the VAGINAL ORGASM

Anne Koedt


Boston: New England Free Press, 1970. Very Good in orange (faded from yellow) unbound/unstapled folded pages, remarkably good condition for a 50+ year old publication of this or any type. Scarce. Wikipedia: The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm is a feminist essay on women’s sexuality, written by Anne Koedt, an American radical feminist, in 1968 and published in 1970. It first appeared in a four-paragraph outline form in the Notes from the Second Year journal published by the New York Radical Women and was partially based on findings from Masters and Johnson‘s 1966 work Human Sexual Response. The Myth was then distributed as a pamphlet in its full form, including sections on evidence for the clitoral orgasm, female anatomy, and reasons the “myth” of vaginal orgasm is maintained.

Book Publisher: New England Free Press

Publication Place: Boston

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