Tehching Hsieh One Year Performance 1981-1982 [Jill Johnston’s copy]

Hsieh, Tehching and Jeanette Ingberman [Jill Johnston...]


Book Publisher: Exit Art Press

Publication Place: New York

Publication Date: 1983

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11 x 14″ printed photographic folder containing 5 like-sized double-sided photographic prints. On of these is the text sheet which includes the artist’s STATEMENT. On the verso is Hsieh’s annotated map of lower Manhattan indicating the locations of a few random occurrences during his outside “residency”, and the two inner pages contain Jeanette Ingberman’s text.This copy belonged to the writer Jill Johnston (1929-2010) a friend of Hsieh’s who also wrote an important piece on him for her Secret Lives in Art. Johnston’s stamp, in blue ink, which reads “Write first. Then Live.” J.J. appears just inside the folder and again on the STATEMENT page. The folder itself shows considerable wear: some darkening and spotting and edge-wear, while the loose sheets are in Very Good condition with only very minor corner wear. The photographs and documentation of Hseih’s one year performance were presented at Franklin Furnace, New York in February and March of 1983, curated by Exit Art’s Jeanette Ingberman. Scarce.

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