Son of Andy Warhol – Volume Four Exceprts from The Anonymous Diary of a New York Youth

Mead, Taylor [Peter Schjeldahl


Thick white textured Indian with gold lettering in dust-jacket, 90 pages in a limited edition of 1500 copies. Cover image of Mead by Raymond Foye. The present copy — both book & dust-jacket — survived a 2019 St. Marks Place fire at the home of the late poet & art critic Peter Schjeldahl and show signs of smoke damage, especially to the edges, not at all affecting text within the book itself. The overall effect lends a dramatic romantic aura to Son of Andy Warhol. Aside from the darkening there’s just minor edgewear, and the jacket seems to be a tad larger than the book so is creased at top edge.

Book Publisher: Hanuman Books

Publication Place: Madras & New York City

Publication Date: 1986

ISBN: 9780937815038

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