Rikyu’s Hundred Verses in Japanese and English

Rikyu; Iguchi Kaisen


As New softcover in dust-jacket with obi ,248 pages, 13 x 19 cm, English and Japanese text. A gorgeous, compact little masterpiece. “If preparing tea for people returning from flower-viewing, it is not good to put out a landscape painting or flowers”. Written in the 16th century, ‘Rikyū’s Hundred Verses’ are a set of rules for the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, or ‘chanoyu’. In the original Japanese, the verses are composed in a style known as ‘waka’ or ‘tanka’, which limits the number of syllables and lines. This format makes the poems mnemonic devices for the fundamental philosophy and practical teachings of chanoyu. The creation of rhythmic poems that capture the teachings and rites enabled students to recall them at crucial moments during practice. These poems remain the most widely used texts across all schools of chanoyu today. In this book, special commentary by Iguchi Kaisen elucidates each verse in detail.

Book Publisher: Tankosha

Publication Place: Kyoto

ISBN: 9784473044280

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