[Mel Chin] Primetime contemporary art : art by the GALA Committee as seen on Melrose Place : all proceeds to benefit Fulfillment Fund and Jeanette Rankin Foundation. Auction: Thursday, November 12, 1998 at 7:30 p.m.

Chin, Mel / GALA Committee


Very scarce record of a work called by Mel Chin “In The Name of The Place.” Glossy softcover, 8.5 x 11″, 44 unnumbered pages, heavily illustrated. Excellent condition. Get your Melrose Place fix here, all arranged by a MacArthur Fellow. From the artist’s website:

“A two-year, covert, collaborative, conceptual, public art project conducted on primetime television’s Melrose Place. Mel Chin initiated and formed the collective called the GALA Committee.

The southern California television studios have dramatically shaped the face of global cultural consumption and attitude through the embedded promotion of U.S. goods and lifestyles. The GALA Committee sought to work with commercial television by actively approaching it as a proper site in which to develop possibilities for education, to generate the transfer of information, and to layer narratives and poetic constructions. In the Name of the Place can be considered a blueprint for the development of the geography of culture on multiple levels.”
____The GALA Committee, 1997

“Conceived as a viral, conceptual, public artwork to be conducted on primetime television, the project, entitled In the Name of the Place, found its host on television’s prime-time soap opera, Melrose Place. Free from gallery walls, this collective effort by scholars, artists, students, faculty, and television producers continues to air through global syndication. The GALA Committee was formed at the University of Georgia and California Institute of the Arts (“GA” for Georgia and “LA” for Los Angeles) to create props and make slight script revisions and adjustments as “product placements” not in service to commercial interests but to initiate the possibility of using the medium to assist in the generational transfer of ideas.” Note: fuzziness of photo is due to its being a TV still. Further info on the project: https://melchin.org/oeuvre/in-the-name-of-the-place/

In 2016 Red Bull Arts New York held the first comprehensive New York presentation of the GALA Committee’s In the Name of the Place, TOTAL PROOF: The GALA Committee 1995-1997.

Book Publisher: Sotheby's

Publication Place: Beverly Hills

Publication Date: 1998

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