Making Dying Illegal – Architecture Against Death: Original to the 21st Century [review copy]

Gins, Madeline and Arakawa. Jean-Jacques Leclercle.


Very Good minus softcover with lay-ins (and paste-ins). 9 x 7 inches, 224 pages. Some minor discoloration and scraping at top edge of front cover. This copy may have been Gins and Arakawa’s pre-publication copy, as pasted over some lines of text is corrected text — see photos. This occurs on roughly thirty pages of the book, in some cases single words are being replaced/corrected; in other cases larger swathes of text. In addition, laid in are a “REVIEW COPY” insert from the publisher and a thin printed slip with the quaint claim: “Be assured that the second printing of this incendiary manual of non-dying will be free of the many typos found within these pages” — clearly Gins’ language.

Book Publisher: Roof Books

Publication Place: New York

Publication Date: 2007

ISBN: 9781931824224

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