Little Poems and Musings

Beckwith, Lois Sorrels. Jack Kerouac, introduction.


Fine “as new” 8vo paperback, unpaginated. Illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton, as well as photographs of the author and her family and friends at the Beckwith home in the mountains The Connecticut poet was friends with J.K. back in the day. “I commend the attention of serious students of poetry to these collected poems of Lois Sorrells, 26, whose maiden name was Milemore. Her poems are usually very short, little things passing by that you do a doubletake looking back at….she is really a somber poet who is likely to reach an extremely mysterious middle age and write mysterious shroudy verse about moors and miles of moors in her mind. Anyway, she happened.” —Jack Kerouac May 7, 1963. SIGNED by Beckwith on the title page.

Book Publisher: Dashwood Books

Publication Place: New York

Publication Date: 2020

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