Bernadette Mayer: MEMORY [exhibition announcement poster]

Mayer, Bernadette


Double-sided exhibition announcement/poster for Bernadette Mayer’s 2017 show at Canada [Gallery] which featured the complete collection of photographs — Mayer’s “emotional science project” using 35 mm slide film — from her original 1972 show. Poster is on thick newsprint, double-sided with b/w text on one side (see detail) and images on the other. Folded several times so there are a few nicks at the creases. We have not endeavored to completely flatten the poster for our images — a gallery reproduction thus follows our two shots. Rare ephemera of the great late, very great Mayer, once this bookseller’s boss at The Poetry Project.

Book Publisher: CANADA

Publication Place: NY

Publication Date: 2017

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