Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve. No one is like it’s namesake. Kudish is the author of The Catskill Forest: A History, always available at the shop and on our website. 

The Brother in Elysium is the printing and publishing concern of Jon Beacham, located in Holyoke, MA.

Dancing Foxes Pressbased in Brooklyn, is a publishing company run by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schröder and whose projects grow from “the minds of artists, writers, and scholars.”

Jean-Noel Herlin is one of the wonders of the world: archivist, appraiser of archives (including Miles’ father’s), book and ephemera dealer, based in NYC. Links to his bio, his business & his “grand projet” below.




Miles met Tehching Hsieh, then Sam Hsieh, on the streets of Tribeca in the early 80’s. He has stayed true to his art/life.

A mentor of Miles’ based in the Bay Area, a bookseller in the old style: purveyor of obscurities in the more esoteric fields: Todd Pratum. 

John Michelotti and Catskill Fungi


Oh, Yoko.