The Brother in Elysium is the printing and publishing concern of Jon Beacham, located in Holyoke, MA.


Dancing Foxes Pressbased in Brooklyn, is a publishing company run by Karen Kelly and Barbara Schröder and whose projects grow from “the minds of artists, writers, and scholars.”


Jean-Noel Herlin is one of the wonders of the world: archivist, appraiser of archives (including Miles’ father’s), book and ephemera dealer, based in NYC. Links to his bio, his business & his “grand projet” below.


Miles met Tehching Hsieh, then Sam Hsieh, on the streets of Tribeca in the early 80’s. He has stayed true to his art/life.


A mentor of Miles’ based in the Bay Area, a bookseller in the old style: purveyor of obscurities in the more esoteric fields: Todd Pratum. 


John Michelotti and Catskill Fungi


Oh, Yoko.